Client Value

The value that Staib Financial Planning, LLC provides to you, our client.

What We Do For You

In pursuit of achieving your personal financial goals, we Partner with you and provide Organization, Objectivity, Education, Focus, Proactivity, and Communication throughout the process.  At Staib Financial Planning, LLC, these 7 core principles provide the framework for maximizing the value you receive from utilizing our services.

We will listen and ask questions to clearly understand your personal situation. By building a partnership together, we will align your financial plan with your unique background, philosophy, and objectives. As a fiduciary, we put your financial interests first.

We will help bring order and structure to your entire financial life. We will assist you in getting all aspects of your financial house in order, identifying areas for potential improvement, and providing focus on what is most important.

We help solve your problems and achieve your personal goals; we do not sell you products. We are an independent advisory firm, unaffiliated with a financial institution. We are compensated solely and directly by our clients, not from any outside third party. Partnering with an independent, fee-only, fiduciary ensures you’ll receive unbiased, unconstrained personal financial advice.

We strive to make the complex simple and understood. We take the time to explain relevant financial topics and alternative options available to you while answering your questions in order to help you make better informed decisions.

We filter through the overwhelming to obtain the relevant. By thoroughly understanding your situation, we help you prioritize and focus on the most critical factors in order to achieve your personal financial goals. This clarity and focus enables you to tune out the seemingly never-ending noise, helping you avoid making emotionally driven decisions regarding important money matters.

We work with you to anticipate your life transitions and to be financially prepared for them. We regularly monitor and assess external factors – including regulatory, economic, and market conditions – adapting the action plan as necessary to address and manage the changes ahead of time.

We are accessible and regularly communicate and work with you throughout the process, staying abreast of your situation, monitoring and managing progress towards achieving your personal goals, and adjusting appropriately based on changing conditions.