Tax Planning

Achieving your retirement goals in the most tax-efficient manner.

taxes you could have paid

Tax planning is an essential component of our comprehensive retirement planning services and often provides significant demonstrable value for our clients. This is especially true for retirees with large 401k / IRA balances retiring prior to beginning Social Security benefits and attaining RMD age. We include tax minimization strategies in all aspects of our services and employ a thoughtful approach intended to maximize your after-tax income throughout your retirement.

We take a long-term view of your retirement plan (and legacy) and stay well-informed of ever-changing tax laws to minimize your lifetime tax liability. Components of our tax planning services include:

  • Roth IRA Conversion Analysis
  • Tax Bracket Management
  • Tax-Efficient Retirement Withdrawal and Distribution Strategies
  • Tax Optimized Investment Management Strategies
  • Capital Gain / Loss Harvesting
  • Social Security and Pension timing elections
  • Avoidance of tax “torpedoes” (Social Security, Medicare (IRMAA), NIIT, Widow’s Penalty, etc.)
  • Charitable Giving Strategies
  • Wealth Transfer Strategies
  • And much more…

Concerned About Taxes in Retirement?

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