Investment Management

Grow, preserve, and protect your hard-earned wealth

Investment Management

Helping You Invest With Integrity, Discipline, Clarity and Understanding

Our comprehensive investment management services include:

  • investment selection,
  • asset allocation,
  • portfolio design and diversification,
  • retirement portfolio transition planning, and
  • ongoing advisory services and recommendations

We use no-load mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and individual stocks within our investment portfolios.

What Do We Do?

Our Investment Management Services Include Personal Assessment and Understanding of Your:

Goals & Objectives

Requirements & Situation


Time Horizon

Asset Allocation & Diversification


Portfolio Rebalancing

Ongoing Portfolio Management

Our Investment
Management Fees

$0 - $750,000 0.80%
$750,001 - $1,500,000 0.60%
$1,500,001 - $3M 0.40%
$3M and up 0.20%

*While we do not impose minimum investment, net worth or income restrictions with our clients, our minimum Investment Management fee is $3,000 / year. We believe this policy allows us to serve any prospective client in need of trustworthy financial advice